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Department of Occupational Medicine of the General University Hospital and the 1st Faculty of Medicine has a long tradition in providing occupational preventive care. Our department consists of a team of highly skilled professionals in prevention of occupational damage and experience with the implementation of preventive medical examinations, supervision in the workplace and the provision of specialized services (lectures, consultations, vaccinations) for its clients. In addition, it has a broad professional background of other departments within the Faculty. Health capacity in relation to work performance is assessed in the initial, periodic, emergency and output check ups.

The employer's obligation to provide preventive care for their employees is based on § 54, 2nd paragraph of Act No. 373/2011 Coll. on Health Care for people. Tasks for its providing are under the ILO Conventions, ratified by Czechoslovakia. It is a Convention No. 155/1981 on safety and health of workers and working environment (Act No. 20/1989 Coll.) Convention No. 161/1985 on occupational medical services (Act No. 145/1988 Coll.) and the European Union on a Council Directive EC 89/391/EEC to improve safety and health at work.

Everybody is obliged to complete entrance, periodic and output examinations. Occupational medical care is excluded from the free choice of doctor.

Preventive occupational medicine focuses on preventive programs and consultating with the aim to promote physical, mental and social well-being, to strengthen and maintain health, positive thinking and activities. 


Complex healthcare services

For employers and their employees we organize healthcare services and preventive check ups, which are not covered by the public health insurance.

Program Basic

Program Complex

Preventive packages 

Cancer prevention program

The program of prevention of breast cancer

Cosmetic surgery


Prenatal care

Vascular surgery

Healthy life style

Recondition programs

Psychiatric consultation

Personality Assessment

Psychological Assessment of Drivers


Complex preventive screening

Oncological preventive screening

Preventive Pneumology package for smokers and non-smokers

Cardio basic

Complex dental screening

Laboratory tests

Allergology and clinical immunology

Sexuology consultation

Treatment of tobacco dependence

Reproductive immunology

Oncological preventive check up for everyone

Prevention of diabetes mellitus

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